Finally, what all competitors, breeders and equestrians alike have been waiting for!

A safe, reliable, comfortable mode of transport for both you and your horses that is affordable and luxurious all in one.

Our model line up includes:
Iveco Luxe 5.6t
Iveco Signature Luxe 7.2t
Iveco Signature Luxe 12t

Hunter Horseboxes has one of the UK’s top master craftsman coachbuilders with a reputation for high-end, high-quality horsebox builds. You are benefiting from over 30 years combined expertise from one of the most experienced equestrian focused countries in the world! All Hunter Horseboxes are manufactured entirely in Great Britain on Australian spec'd chassis using quality, tried and tested European materials.

Eat, sleep, ride, repeat!

Explore the possibilities that Hunter Horseboxes has to offer and let us be a part of your ride to success. Look out for us at upcoming events via our facebook page or book an onsite demo by clicking on the booking button below.

Hunter Horsebox
Hunter Horsebox

**Warranties are valid for personal and business use only but excludes horse transport companies (such use of vehicles will void any warranty claim).

Hunter Horseboxes Australia

We are a COVID Safe Government registered business and you can be assured we will be running COVID safe demos in all locations

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